PayPal fund is withdrawable in Malaysia

When incorporating e-commerce into website, there's a need to engage an intermediate to complete the transaction. Based on the research, PayPal has become the most popular transaction gateway in used by major e-commerce sites and internet users nowadays.

PayPal actually is a payment intermediate that helps in a transaction take place between the consumer and the seller. Everyone can easily get a PayPal account with a valid credit card and email account. Other than that, it does not require a registration fee for new member neither do you need to pay annual member fee. This is why PayPal has become the most recommended transaction gateway for most of the people.

However, each transaction will charge you a 2.9% of the total amount of transaction plus USD0.30. Other than that.

There is good news for all the Malaysian to be able to withdraw money from ATM machine without much hassle with a public bank debit card now. Although you need to pay USD5 charges for each bank transaction, but can save trouble for getting Accent card, E-trade or VMI. The time taken for cash withdrawal is also reduced to provide convenience to the users.

Comparing the pros and cons of using PayPal, I think you have a decision on whether using PayPal as an intermediate for you transaction.