Website Maintenance

Do you need an expert to update or take care your current website?

Now, as our direct hosting customer you can rest assured as we have service team for you which will be able to help. Let our service team help you to save your time in maintenance you website.

Just drop us what you need to update, our team will get back to you asap:

Flexible Plan in RM80.00 Per page
Montly Plan in RM300.00 6 pages x 1
Yearly Plan in RM3000.00 6 pages x 12

Please list as detail as posible with the particulars as below, so our team will be get into the situation ASAP. Thus result in fast performance for your request.

  • Url (webpage address) to be modify
  • Content or images to be amend in microsoft word format.
  • Url, username, password of the control panel

Terms and Conditions

  • If this is the first time you would like to order the maintenance package, please drop an email to our sales at and we will advice you before the order.
  • You control panel username and password will be safe with us. Our staff will never reveal to other people. We Guarantee.
  • If you need any additional maintenance service not in the plan, quotation for implement or technical assistance of any form, please drop us an email at