Powerful eCommerce promotional strategies

Whether it's a simple or complex promotion rules only available to wholesale or customers, UniverseCart makes it all possible that basic store doesn't have.

promotional marketing

Discount Promo

Nothing is more important than creating a great promotion when making a sale on internet.

  • Multi tier wholesales/customer pricing rules
  • Auto display Quantity based discount rate
  • Auto display special offer (buy X then get Y free)
  • Minimum quantity and Maximun quantity purchase
  • Flexible show or hide the pricing of product for quote
  • Free or discounted shipping

Coupon Promo

Good idea like creating a week promotion and show on the site to increase the chance visitors will place the order online in your store.

  • Create a global promotion code for all products.
  • Create or override the coupon code base on product level.
  • Time-limited coupon code with minimun order quantity.

coupon offer

abandoned cart saver

Abandoned Cart Saver

It's sad but true - over 70% of shopper never complete their orders. As a store owner, nothing is more frustrating than seeing those orders mark as "abandoned". Owner can create a series of beautiful email which include a coupon code and it will trigger when abandoned cart was detected, this is useful for re-marketing and get them back to complete the order.